fly little butterfly

give & share – bring love everywhere

It starts with Y!

Let me tell you why I am doing this

The reason is Bulgaria. I came here in April 2013 and since then my life has changed radically. Not only in terms of what I work in and where I live of course, but also because of what person I have become and who I am now.

Living in Bulgaria has helped me to transform into somebody very different from who I was before I came here.

Sharing with friends & strangers is a deeply rooted habit in Bulgarian culture.

Bulgarian people have showed me a form of hospitability that I had never experienced nor seen before. As a German and a foreigner I felt welcomed here. Everybody turned towards me in a very positive way. So a lot of credits go to the kindness and the open-hearted attitude of the Bulgarians who share so much of themselves and their culture with me.  This made me become a new version of myself, somebody who is more in touch with really important stuff and if I can start thinking differently about others, then many others can do that too.

Life has been pretty generous to me since I came here. But still, I do have the same needs as every one else and all I want is to make everybody feel more protected and cared for in this society.

Small things CAN change our environment where YOU  and everybody lives and what WE can do is in OUR range of actions. WE can spread the positive spirit and it will make US feel good, I swear in the name of the painted butterfly! 😉

It all starts basically in our minds.
The way we program our brain will likely reflect the end result.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.




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