fly little butterfly

give & share – bring love everywhere

the idea

the concept of the butterfly of l<3ve

Here on this site you can find and download for free the butterfly of love which only can start flying when you pass the four heart-shaped parts on to other people by doing them something good.

Sharing something with others is maybe the greatest gift in our lives.

With this gamified butterfly you can now share and give your love away more easily by using the hearts of the butterfly of love and maybe one day – who knows – one small heart will come back to you.

The butterfly has as you can see in total 16 mini butterflies that will stay with the receiver once they will be sent  away two times. Like this 16 different people will eventually benefit directly and indirectly from you and your initial efforts.

Before you can start for real…

…your first task is now to color this print with the fruits of your imagination.

Having done that  you can start cutting the butterfly into the four heart-shaped parts.

Cut out 4 hearts

You can use these hearts when you lend a helping hand to somebody for something he wouldn’t be able to do by himself, like moving some things for him or help him cleaning parts of the appartment e.g., but there are no limits to what you can do good to others. 😀

But please keep in mind:
It doesn’t need to be something specifically difficult to pass the butterflies on.

Even if some rumors go around that somebody gave away his brand new Mercedes when giving away his butterfly heart. 😉

Still, sharing time is probably the most precious thing you can do.

In any case, you are going to tell this person that he or she on his or her part now has to open his/her heart by cutting out the smaller butterflies and make them fly again by cutting out these mini butterflies above.

Now what happens if I receive a small butterfly?

Listen carefully, because you are the most important person in the game!
You have received something and somebody was very kind to you. 😀 So far, so good!

And now it is up to you to resurrect one or as many butterflies as you wish and to start the whole cycle once more. And at best, we can transform ourselves into something similar to butterflies:

In order to do that you simply print out a new copy of the butterfly and start giving away its four heartshaped parts as described above.


And finally – last but not least, there is one last challenge:

You should start to collect your received mini butterflies!

– Get your collecting template here! –

What you can do is for example to write date and name of the sender on it and when you have enough mini butterflies you can assemble them to one regular sized big butterfly and make it fly in the city by sticking it to some public space!

Wouldn’t that be fun to see thousands of beautiful butterflies flying around in your city?


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