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a man lying in a pedestrian underpass of Tsarigradsko Shose

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Yesterday while walking back from the Serdika Center shopping mall where I had some kind of a job interview I had to cross a big boulevard a second time. On the way there underpassing this boulevard I had already noticed a man lying rolled-up in near a wall covered by blankets, next to him/her several plastic bags with his/her belongings. I felt pity for him/her but didn’t stop. I was distracted by my dog Mira pulling me through the tunnel because she is really afraid of the traffic noise and some random other person crossing the underpass aswell and of course because I had to go to see this possible employer.

So on my way back I took the same road and saw this person still lying there and we were alone in this tunnel – just Mira, me and this unknown – hopefully – sleeping man. I was wondering if he/she was alive and went to ask: “Dober den, dobre li ste?” – G’day, are you okay? – I asked twice, no answer – the person was asleep but at least alive. So I decided not to bother him/her any longer and tried to find a way to help and gave him/her a small bank note of two Bulgarian Leva which I dedided to put on top of one plastic bag.

It’s just a personal story I wanted to share without any proudness of being a good Samaritan.
I think the following video linked from TED explains well why I behaved like this only helping at the second glance.
Have a good day, lovely people! ❤

Why we aren’t more compassionate?

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