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“Live and love is just one letter difference” – french cyclers and the St. James way – “le chemin de St. Jacques”

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Being funny while writing is not sooo easy. But let’s give it a try.

Huuh-huuuh… 🙂  “I am feeling very goofy today” used to say a co-pilgrim of mine in Spain, Butch from Medford, Oregon when he wanted to make a joke. We met actually in the first week walking on the St. James way in Spain and two years later we were invited to stay at their place at home – what a great experience!

In order to travel around the west coast to San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento they even let us their old 72 Chevy Nova!  And believe it or not – Arnold Schwarzenegger was at that time governing California. 😀

“Live and love is just one letter difference” – so for me this means basically that it is the same and probably for the first time I really realized and learned how it is practised in real life was in 2003 when I walked for 30 days through northern Spain to the coast of Galicia to end at Finisterre.

The friendship and family like atmosphere every evening when you meet old and new friends and acquaintances from walking is just great – at that time it made me be somebody different for around three months after having returned. Everything was shared and most of the people there were really really nice.

Last week by the way, to jump back into nowadays I hosted a french artist and cycler from Nantes pursuing his dream to travel Europe by bike. It was really good to have him as a guest. We went a lot to the park and played Frisbee and it was great to see him juggling like hell with clubs.

Have a good week you all! Spread the love! ❤


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