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the “women-per-month-acquaintance-ratio”

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About thursday, 9th of Octobre

I went to school to teach the kids like every tuesday and thursday and in the evening we had the meet-up from our local „Live your legend Sofia“ group following the advice of Scott Dinsmore’s advice to surround you with positive people because environment is everything.

I made another 100 copies of butterflies there but most importantly I sent out the first one as you can see here in the different phases.
Featured image

Now, one day later, I am sitting in the midday sun of a small Bulgarian restaurant and catching some love from mother earth while writing these lines.

And I definitely have to tell you this funny story what happened after I left the „LYL“ meeting yesterday.
As every thursday, there was an evening organized in a bar for people speaking German. Like this Bulgarians, Germans and any German speaking people can come and socialize to improve and practise their language skills.

It was kind of funny since I met some friends there, and with a beer in hand life seems much easier anyway. 😀

I even talked to somebody who responded to my blog here and said:

 „I thank you very much for writing your last post because it inspired me so much and it showed me that I am not alone with my „cloudy soul“.

I gave away some copies of the butterfly and even raised some Bulgarian Lev for animal welfare I support in Sofia. So the first 6 BGN Lev are accounted and I hope there are more to come.

But let’s come to the funny story, I promised you:

There was one guy, some kind of a friend I know already for a longer period through this German group.
I felt like giving one copy to him too and asked for a Lev for the dogs.

He said:
„Yeah, why not. I’ll take one and here you are with the donation for the dogs.
But you know what? I am not sure if my friends will respond to this idea.“

He’s Bulgarian and obviously not this arty kind of person and maybe it will take him some to start coloring the template.

Anyway, I told him.

„You know, you’re probably right. It’s not particularly a men’s thing, this wobbly-dobbly-tiny-sweety-cute butterfly idea. But have you ever thought of giving it to women??? 😉
Can’t you imagine what the result might be?“ I went further on laughingly.

„You have no idea how much you will increase your “women-per-month-acquaintance-ratio” and maybe you will find the right one like this, who knows!!“ 😀

He instantly replied:

„You know man! If this happens through your butterfly idea – honestly, I promise, I will donate a hundred BGN Lev to your dog shelter cause! Hahahaaaa :D“

We had such a good laugh with this topic.

But back to serious things:

I profoundly believe that the more butterflies of love we send out and the more love we give the more it will increase our general well-being here in Sofia, in Bulgaria and everywhere.

Remember the old proverb saying:

What goes around, comes around.

So maybe I should ask everybody sending out a new butterfly to cut one one small butterfly and return it to me to make a huge collage of these mini butterflies. This is acutally a very very nice idea, which I got recommended today.
I have to thank you, my alate conspirator of this project! ❤


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