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Real humans like butterflies?

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A cloudy day – perfect for a first training flight

Today is tuesday and the day started rather cloudy and rainy, the rain has stopped in the meantime but the sky is still kind of grey. So I reckon it’s a good start to make the first butterfly test flight. Especially those days in life when your soul feels cloudy it’s a good time to bring some color into the world.

The butterfly of love reminds us of what is really important.
Or to put it another way who is important to us!

By coloring and sending out the flying butterfly hearts we choose to be lovely and caring with others and which is really super-important at the same time with ourselves because it returns a feeling of positivity to our minds and souls. I have experienced it myself by coloring my first one that it lifted up my mood and chased away some sad feelings that were occupying my mind while painting it.

So far – until then,  I didn’t expect real humans to fly tonight.

CUT_ I just came home after joining an Austrian-Bulgarian friendship meeting and pitched my idea there. I was speaking pretty confidently and could convey my vision quite clearly.
So somehow, I am  proud about the outcome of this evening.

On the way home, coming out of the Metro station I made a small detour to see if one American friend wasn’t sitting at „one more coffee“. Sometimes he’s having a beer there after work and that’s how met as well a year ago. At our first meeting he just waved me over then said to me:

„Hey man, you seem like you’re looking for somebody to talk to and have a beer with.
I know it from the way you were looking into the bar.“
And truth be told, he was completely right.

So I met him again tonight on the way home and I was showing him the butterfly template.

I asked him:
„What do you see here? holding the plastic document folder in front of him on the table. He was looking at it and since he didn’t respond immediately, I continued questioning: „Do you see anything at all?“.
I was wondering if the reflections of the plastic in the dim lights made it impossible to recognize anything.

„Of course, I can recognize a butterfly!“
„How many do you see? 1, 16 or even 17?“

He was staring at it for another ten seconds at eventually replied.
„To be perfectly honest with you, I have already been drinking more than one beer and I can only see 1 butterfly!“
he said with some flabbergasted expressions on his face. 😀

We kept on talking about this and that and were exchanging some news about our lives as we hadn’t seen each other for a longer period of time.
It was maybe the most valuable conversation we had since we know each other.
This time it wasn’t only about drinking beer and smoking cigarettes while exchanging stories from the past and making random jokes. And at one point he came up with one English expression I didn’t know until then.

He went like this: „You know man, I really like you and talking to you is so nice, you show such a calm demeanor.“

What a compliment, I thought and didn’t really understand what it meant at the first hearing.
Of course I know what it means „to be calm“.
But I didn’t know the meaning of „demeanor“.
Only by the way he was telling it to me and the way he looked at me made me understand that it must be something positive.
Still, just in case and to be sure that I didn’t mistake anything, I replied:
„Have you just made me a compliment?“
Now, it was my turn to look like a deer in the headlights when crossing a rural street seeing a car approaching. 😀
I really felt deeply flattered!

Was it only because I was talking about the butterfly project?
Hmm, to be honest I couldn’t really tell but it must play an important role in the game, that’s something I am now sure of.

We continued chatting and I knew I had to go home to welcome my German Ultimate Frisbee friends (who are eventually coming home now obviously, since I here some noise outside the entrance door of my flat) and he reminded me of one of his favourite number #1 joke:

“Do you know the best nation in the world?”

For sure, you want to start guessing immediately what is it the best NATION in the world.

What is it the best one? 😉

Just leave your guesses underneath and of course you can give good reasons for your choice!


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