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First butterflies being sent out

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So, today is day #2 in terms of getting further with the writing project.

Let me shortly summarize what happened in the last 36 hours since starting the blog:

As some of you might know I am currently still working as a support agent for an online game and yesterday at work I sent the template of the butterfly to our HR department to let them know, what’s coming next. đŸ˜‰

Moreover, I have been talking to some people about the idea (once even in Bulgarian – at least I tried to) and I even handed out the first printed copies to some people who will hopefully spread it further.

I have the impression that the people like the idea and maybe it can become an interesting habit to colour the butterflies and then to send them out.

It seems high time that I have to colour the first ones myself! : )

So that’s the plan for this weekend to paint my own first butterfly and then to post it here.

Tonight there will be a reception at the German embassy where I possibly can talk to the German ambassador and give him one of the templates in order to wish him good luck for the next four years here in Bulgaria.

He has just started his term of office and I am excited to see what kind of man he is.

Maybe he likes butterflies!!! :p


One thought on “First butterflies being sent out

  1. I want a butterfly!


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